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Gulf women athletes at London 2012 compared to Syria

July 29, 2012

Ever since the regime of Bashar Assad fell out with the Gulf countries (and 127+ other countries in the world), the regime’s supporters (menhebakjis) have never failed to heap scorn on Gulf society and the restrictions placed on women living in the Gulf. And yet, when one examines the number of women athletes sent to the London 2012 Olympics by the six GCC countries, and comparing the number sent by the Hereditary Republic of Assadstan….well, it doesn’t look too good for the latter’s claims to be a more liberal and open society than the Gulf.

Let’s list the number of women sent by each of the GCC countries, along with their native populations;


Country Number of Women Athletes at London 2012 Olympics Native Population
Kuwait 2 1 million
Qatar 4 300,000
Saudi Arabia 2 18 million
United Arab Emirates 2 800,000
Bahrain 6 570,000
Oman 1 1.6 million
TOTAL 17 22.27 million


As we can see, the GCC sent 17 female athletes to the London 2012 Olympics, out of a population of 22.27 million. Syria sent just four, out of a population roughly the same size (23 million). Assadstan isn’t turning out to be the utopia of female empowerment after all, at least not for women athletes.


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