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Unaswerable questions for supporters of the Assad regime.

July 29, 2012

In months of debating the menhebakjis (supporters of the dictatorship of Bashar Assad), I’ve heard numerous conspiracy theories as they try to explain events in Syria as a grand plot to break the “Resistance Axis”. Supporters of the regime have been aided in their efforts by the outlandish and ridiculous writings of the Western Leftist “Hate-America-At-All-Costs” camp, who spare no effort in creating elaborate and far fetching scenarios involving an astonishing alliance of NATO/Zionists/Salafis/Al-Qaeda/GCC/UN conspirators, all who seem to have nothing better to do than to overthrow a man who has made the Golan Heights, Israel’s quietest front. The Israeli Golani Brigade has had scant little to do on the Golan since 1973.

However, despite spending numerous waking hours coming up with plots and conspiracies to explain away the phenomenon that is the Syrian Revolution, not one of the regime’s supporters, nor their disgraceful Indian, Russian and leftist Russian enablers have once managed to answer some basic questions, the facts of which are not in dispute in any shape, way or form, but which go to the very heart of the nature of this brutal junta.

Question 1: Why was Najati Tayara, Syria’s foremost human rights activist, jailed for over six months in the worst prisons in Syria?

Question 2: Why were the elderly parents of Malik Jandali, world renown Syrian musician, brutally beaten up and their house burned, right after their son attended an anti-regime demonstration in the USA?

Question 3: Why was Ali Ferzat, one of the Arab World’s foremost cartoonists, brutally beaten, tortured and his fingers broken, right after he published a cartoon that was very unflattering to Bashar Assad?

In over a year of debating the menhebakjis and their supporters like Ass’ad Abu Khalil, not only have none of them ever come up with an answer, they have never even tried. To examine these basic questions is to examine the very nature of the Assad junta. That is a door that the disgraceful Western Left does not want opened. Better to muddy the waters with fanciful tales of Zionist-Salafis. If the true nature of the regime they support was examined and dissected, it would no longer be possible to maintain that the Syrian people needed outside prodding and encouragement before they rose up to overthrow their oppressors.

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