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Shocking menhebakji hypocrisy – part 1

August 4, 2012

A pro-regime Twitter user called @cherine_89 recently made the following tweet;

“Reports of the killing of #Syria TV presenter Mohamad Sa’eed by the FSA terrorists, have emerged. I feel sick wallah.”

Putting aside the fact that the journalist in question was not killed by the FSA, but by a group called the Al-Nasra Front (which the FSA, SNC, LLC and everyone else having anything to do with the Syrian revolution have repeatedly denounced and disowned), when one examines the twitter profile of this particular user, the magnitude of her hypocrisy becomes shocking, even for a pro-regime supporters.

Here is @cherine_89’s original tweet;

@cherine_89's tweet

@cherine_89 tweet blaming the FSA for the murder of a journalist.

But wait, let’s examine the images this user chooses to decorate her profile with;

@cherine_89’s profile sporting the Hizbollah flag

As can be seen, the flag of Hizbollah figures prominently in this user’s profile. That’s right, Hizbollah, the terrorist organization that in the 1980s kidnapped and tortured numerous Western individuals living in Lebanon, including journalists. Among their victims;

So, the murder of a journalist by a group that most analyst and observers suspect is a front for the Assad regime, is treated as an indictment against the Syrian Revolution, but the people doing the condemning conveniently forget the history of their own terrorist groups, whose guilt and links to the Assad regime are not in question.

Indeed, when I challenged @cherine_89 on her choice of flags to decorate her profile, her response was typically infantile;

“those journalists deserved it so fuck off out of my profile dickhead”

Sickening, “wallah”.

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