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Angry Arab – the gift that keeps on giving

August 16, 2012

One of the joys of the a free and open Internet is the abundance of bloggers one can find there, and who serve as a convenient, inexhaustible and eternal source of material for anyone looking for examples on the intellectual bankruptcy of the Left. Ass’ad Abu Khalil (aka Aaaaaaaaaaaaangry Arab) is just one. Here is yet another careless entry from his blog, where he comments on the latest United Nation report on war crimes in Syria;

So basically, it is the frequency and scale of war crimes that make them bad. So if one commits war crimes at lesser frequency and scale, one would receive Western support. OK. I am glad that we have it on paper now.

I can’t believe this actually needs to be explained to someone who teaches at the university level. Yes, ya Angry One, it may come as a shock to the Left, but the frequency and scale of a movement or regime’s crimes do make a difference. It’s the difference between an isolated incident and a pattern of behavior. A crime infested neighborhood that has murders every week and drug crimes is different from an upscale one that has the occasional car theft. A person who is always in and out of jail is different from one who was cited one case of vandalism in their youth. And if Professor Batekh still needs more analogies, we can cite the actions of American forces in World War 2, and compare it to the barbaric behavior of Ass’ad Ex-Marxist Abu Khalil’s beloved Soviet Union.

At the end of the war in the pacific in World War 2, the first Japanese city the American forces occupied was Yokohama. Initially, it was a terrible experience for the city’s population. American forces committed many abuses against civilians, including rape of women. A shocking incident, but one that was the exception rather than the rule. American occupation of Germany and Japan was overwhelmingly benign and humane. Those two countries were provided with the stability and means to rebuild their societies, and eventually became the second and third most powerful economies in the world.

As horrendous as events in Yokohama were, they were an isolated case, and did not make up a pattern of behavior for the American armed forces in general. The Yokohama atrocities did not make America’s war effort against Japan less righteous, nor did they negate all the good that resulted from American efforts to help Japan rebuild.

Now contrast the above with the abominable, barbaric and horrendous behavior of Soviet troops in Eastern Europe and East Germany. Millions of German women were raped by the conquering Soviet hordes. Even Soviet women prisoners of war liberated from Nazi prison camps were not spared. Reading Antony Beevor’s superb “The Second World War”, one is left in no doubt at all at how worthless human life had become in 1944 and ’45 Eastern Europe. The inhumane treatment of the conquered populations by the rampaging Soviet armies is shocking to recall even after all these years. And yet this is the ideology which the disgraceful and shameful Ass’ad abu Khalil happily followed for years until the ignominious collapse of Communism.

Comparing the atrocities of the Assad regime with the “crimes” of the Free Syrian Army, is like comparing the size of the Earth with Jupiter. There is no moral equivalence whatsoever, no matter how much the disgraceful Leftists would like to believe there is. The International Crisis Group’s excellent August 2012 report reports that there hasn’t been a single instance where Alawites were massacred en mass by the FSA. The Assad regime’s continued atrocities no longer have the power to shock the world anymore.

So yes, the frequency and scale of crimes, when they constitute a repeated pattern of behavior, do and should affect the way the international community regards a movement or government. There are over 19,000 Syrians who were murdered by the Assad regime, and one would love to see the Left and regimist supporters tell us which one of these names were supposedly “terrorists”. Meantime, the execution of a few thugs in Aleppo, shabihas who for over a year openly exalted in their position and power as the Assad family’s attack dogs, results in intensive debate among the supporters of the FSA as to the morality of such incidents.

The Free Syrian Army has proven itself to be the most moral armed Arab movement in fifty years. Unlike Palestinian militant groups of which Ass’ad Abu Khalil and the Left are so enamored of, the FSA has not hijacked planes, nor blown up civilian buses, nor attacked European airports. If it hasn’t yet managed to overthrow the barbaric regime of Bashar Assad, it’s because it has refused to give up its independence in return for arms and money, unlike the billions of petro dollars lavished on Yasser Arafat. What SNC leader is living in a house with golden taps (like the Palestinian Prime Minister)? Is Abdulrazzaq Tlass lording it over in Tunisia from a palatial villa? Is Khaled Abu Salah lounging in some expansive farm by the Orontes? Is Abdulbaset Saroot sitting in California, spewing imbecilic posts from the comfort of the very society he openly despises, a la Angry Arab?

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