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The “Anti-Imperial” Left, its own worst enemy. Two case studies-Galloway and Abu Khalil

September 5, 2012

If I was someone involved in Israeli Hasbara, I couldn’t help but feel very smug and self satisfied at the sorry state of some of Israel’s most vocal detractors today. The issue of Syria has been something of a universal truth serum; Leftist and Anti-American pundits and commentators who made the Palestinian issue and Palestinian suffering their cause du jour found themselves completely incapable of comprehending, for just one moment, that maybe, just maybe, a regime disliked by the West and at odds with Israel, might not automatically be worthy of making common cause with. Sadly, the Left seem to have a Pavlovian reaction in picking its friends; anti-American regimes, even in word alone, earns that government or movement a big slobbering dose of canine affection.

Leftists never did meet an international pariah they didn’t like, and the regime of Bashar Assad is no exception. In addition to dragging his Alawite community down into the bloody horrors and mayhem of a civil war, Assad has provided the Anti-Imperial America-Hating Left with more than enough heavy chains to keep them in a Jacob Marley Dickinsonisque like state of spiritual imprisonment well into the next decade. Nothing illustrates the shattered and much eroded credibility of the Left better than the case of two of America’s most vocal critics; the British MP George Galloway, and the pseudo-intellectual, the Lebanese-American Ass’ad Abu Khalil (aka Angry Arab).

George Galloway is politician with a very…colorful….past. Expelled from both his own Labour Party and the House of Parliament, he returned as an MP after winning a massive landslide in a by-election. He’s been strongly associated with the Palestinian cause. Much to its detriment, if recent events are anything to go by. Having previously praised the Assad regime’s occupation of Lebanon as a necessary protection against Israel (only a person of remarkable hypocrasy could manage the Orwellian feat of justifying the occupation of a Lebanon while condemning Israel’s occupation of Palestinian areas), Galloway recently stated that the people demonstrating against the regime of Bashar Assad were the “servants the Crusader powers”. Ouch.

One wonders what century the right-honorable member for Bradford West is stuck in, and whether all his talking points sound like they were written on the desk of some Iranian Ayatollah. Apparently, all that time working for the Iranian Press TV has taught him to talk like them.

As an anti-regime activist myself who has been accused many time of being a Jihadist-Salafi-Muslim-Brotherhood-Member, my intellectual powers are not so great that I can reconcile the above labels as being compatible with that of “servant of the Crusaders”. I mean, I don’t expect Richard the Lionheart to knight me as Sir Amjad anytime soon. I’m sure the internationally respected human rights activist Najati Tayara, who was jailed and tortured for six months by the Assad regime, would find it surprising that all this time was a “servant of the Crusader Powers”. Likewise, the elderly parents of Malik Jandali, the world renown musician, and who were beaten up by the regime’s thugs after their son attended a pro-freedom demonstration in the USA. I guess to the Left, being a servant of the Iranian theocratic powers is much more acceptable.

Tsk tsk, how far George has fallen from those lofty heights in 2006 when he screamed at a Sky News presenter to have a memory longer than a few weeks, the act which made his reputation in the region.

But even Galloway can’t hold a candle to the abysmal state Ass’ad Abu Khalil finds himself in. One of the first to blog about the Middle East, Abu Khalil’s Angry Arab blog’s design hasn’t changed much from those early days (dude, it’s 2012, not 1996, there are free templates that can help you fix that visual vomit you call a website). A self-styled  “ex-Marxist” (although not ex-enough to prevent him from running to capitalist America in 1983 at the height of the Lebanese civil war, where he’s lived ever since), Abu Khalil’s rants all too often betray the complete and utter contempt he has for the society that has been sheltering him since 1983. In a recent (and as usual very-poorly thought out) blog post, Abu Khalil made the astonishing remark that although the Cold War was over, the USA had “lost the war of ideas” against the USSR.

“All those who worked for the Soviet Union did so for free and volunteered their services while all those who supported the US did so for a fee. ……There has never been a movement or a demonstration (there was never one) that supported a US cause which was not paid for by the US…….All those who spied for the US did so for a fee, while those who spied for the Soviet Union did so for free.  How embarrassing for the self-praising empire”

How embarrassing indeed for the pseudo-intellectual from Lebanon. No one ever spied for the USSR for money?

*cough John Anthony Walker*

*cough Robert Hanssen*

*cough cough Jerry Whitworth*

*cough cough omg I’m getting an asthma attack Aldrich Ames*

*cough cough cough cough Ronald Pelton*

And that’s just what I could recall from memory. What exactly is this guy teaching in California? That the Eastern European revolutions were bought by CIA money? That the Chinese move to a free market economy shows just how soundly the USSR’s ideas had beaten those of the Capitalist Pigs?

If money could manufacture a revolution, why haven’t the Russians been able to buy their clients in Damascus some peace of mind? Surely a society that’s so easy to bribe into revolt would just as easily sell their silence. 

Actually, we can’t really blame Ass’as Abu Khalil, as he’s going by the experience of the Second Intifada, which spluttered into nothing after Saddam was deposed, and the $50,000 shaheed cheques stop making their way to Gaza. Bitter at always being on the losing side of every great ideological battle since the last century, Abu Khalil needs to find refuge in the fantasy that the USSR may have become a thing of the past, its monuments and ideology taught only in history books, but they won the war of ideas!

I certainly hope that Bashar Assad experiences a very similar “victory” in the not too distant future.

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