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If Hypocrisy Was an Energy Source,Ass’ad Abu Khalil Could Power the Planet

September 21, 2012

The “anti-imperial” Left are a highly selective bunch of people. Selective in what atrocities outrage them. Selective in the events they choose to recall. Selective in which war criminals to get worked up over, and which ones to defend as beacons of freedom against “American hegemony”.

These days, the Left have become synonymous with the word “hypocrisy”, and no one exemplifies that camp’s complete and utter lack of integrity more than the pseudo-intellectual Lebanese Marxist who fled to the USA in 1983, Ass’ad Abu Khalil aka Angry Arab, who in just one day managed to spew more hypocrisy and self-contradiction, than a normal person could manage in a week. If hypocrisy was a power source, Angry Arab could generate enough of it to solve all of the planet’s energy problems.

Let’s start with the way comrade Angryski choose to comment on the Assad regime’s recent shelling of the Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, an attack which killed over 20 Palestinians. Abu Khalil likes to style himself as an uncompromising defender and champion of the “Palestinian Cause” (whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean these days). Anytime a Palestinian trips and falls over a rock in the West Bank, Abu Khalil is on his blog, ranting and raging against Israelis in a manner that stops just short of being anti-semitic. And yet, observe what he had to say on the Syrian regime’s attack on the Yarmouk refugee camp;

“Do you think the US will give these Palestinians anti-aircraft missiles and fund them and saturate the media with their suffering”

In true Leftist fashion, Abu Khalil is highly selective in who to direct his outrage against. According to Abu Khalil, the Assad regime aren’t the ones to blame for the deaths in the camp. No, it is the fault of the US government for not providing the Palestinians with anti-aircraft missiles. Not a peep is uttered by this so called “defender and champion of Palestine” against the regime of Bashar Assad. Which just proves one more weary time, that Abu Khalil doesn’t support the Palestinians out of any love for them, but out of an insane and rabid hatred of Israelis.

Let’s move on, to another one of Abu Khalil’s pet peeves; people who are more successful than him (which pretty much encompasses nine out of ten people on the planet). Abu Khalil has this to say about Fareed Zakaria’s excellent piece in Time magazine, about the recent protests against the unbelievably crappy film “The Innocence of Muslims”;

Zakaria: “Radical Islamists, rampaging mobs, drummed-up outrage, weak leaders and violence–these are familiar aspects of the modern Middle East. What is new is that there are some voices of sanity, and these voices are authentic.

Comrade Angryski:  Let me guess: the rulers of Gulf countries are sane, right?


Needless to say, Zakaria doesn’t mention the rulers of the Gulf countries anywhere in his article. In fact, the Gulf isn’t mentioned at all anywhere in the piece. Abu Khalil, in true Leftist pseudo-intellectual fashion, didn’t even bother reading the piece in question before passing judgment on it.

But Comrade Angryski doesn’t stop there. The Angry One refers to Zakaria sneeringly as “The Plagiarizer”. Much to Abu Khalil’s frustration, after due process and an investigation by Newsweek and Time, Fareed Zakaria was found not to have plagiarized anything. But that doesn’t sit well with the failed Marxist from Lebanon (who apparently wasn’t committed enough to Marxism to prevent him from running to the USA to escape the horrors of the Lebanese civil war. What, bread lines in the Soviet Union not to the Angry One’s liking?). Ass’ad Abu Khalil hates success in others. For his entire life, he has been on the losing side of every ideological battle he’s been in. He can’t help but allow his bitterness to seep out with every post.

Abu Khalil once said that he was glad that he never had to run for office, because that relieved him of the burden of trying to win votes. Which is like a bum saying that he’s glad he’s homeless and jobless, since he doesn’t have to deal with mortgages or work deadlines. We are left to wonder in horror who in their right mind would nominate Comrade Angryski for anything remotely requiring some degree of responsibility and integrity.

If that wasn’t enough hypocrisy to make one sick for the day, we come to the Angry One’s masterpiece. Commenting on the UAE’s recent arrest of Islamists, Abu Khalil makes statements so self-contradiction, so in violation of everything this man has been uttering for the past 18 months, the very paradoxical nature of his statement threatens to completely break the fabric of time and space itself;

“Yes, they also confessed that after taking over the UAE they were planning to extend their rule to Saudi Arabia and the peninsula as a whole.  After longer interrogation, they admitted that their first step was to take over the planet earth on their way to take over other planets in the Galaxy”



*mother of all facepalms*

How many times have we seen the phrase “Saudi-American-Turkish-UAE-Muslim Brother-Salafi-CIA-Zionist-Israeli-Jordanian-Egyptian-Jihadist-al-Qaeda conspiracy against Bashar Assad” on the Angry One’s blog. Does the man even think for a moment before spewing his intellectual vomit online. Does he have any regard at all for whats left of his own integrity? He routinely refers to a cosmic alliance of the most unfeasible group of conspirators ever to have been cooked up by the tin-foil-hat brigade. Not since the eleventh Doctor was trapped inside the Pandorica by his enemies has mankind ever witnessed such a mind boggling alliance of groups who under normal circumstances would be at each other’s throats. If Abu Angryski is going to keep claiming that half the universe is conspiring against his beloved Bashar Assad, then he is the last person to po-ho other countries when they claim to have unearthed their own homegrown conspiracies.

And this, mind you, is just what Comrade Angryski Marxist comes up with in one day. Apparently, to the “anti-imperial” Left, no considerations should be taken with regard to intellectual and moral consistency and self-integrity, just as long as there’s a opportunity to rage and rant at America. The Leftists must whine their grievous whines, even at the cost to what’s left of their own shredded credibility.

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