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The Left’s Plan B, Outrageous Fearmongering – in response to Kapil Komireddi’s Haaretz article

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

It is interesting to observe the ever shifting talking points of the Assad regime’s “anti-imperial” Leftist friends. No longer able to claim with a straight face anymore that the son of the equally murderous Hafiz Assad is a “reformer” who just needs time to implement said “reforms”, the Left’s tone has now shifted remarkably; yes, Assad is a murderous tyrant, but his opponents are Saudi-funded and inspired Salafi maniacs who are even worse, and whose triumph in Syria would spell the demise of Western civilization as we know it.

Nobody exemplifies this trend of thinking better than the fear-monger- at-large, the Indian freelance writer Kapil Komireddi. I had previously written a blog post regarding the numerous inaccuracies and falsehoods in an article of his in the New York Times (a blog post which earned me an infantile insult from Kapil Komireddi on Twitter). Kapil Komireddi is at it again, this time peddling his fear mongering in Ha’aretz, in an article entitled “Rebels with an Anti-Semetic Cause”. In his article, Kapil Komireddi isn’t content with just mis characterizing the Syrian revolutionaries as blood-thirsty savages who dream of murdering Jews; nope, apparently a Kapil Komireddi article  isn’t complete if the author doesn’t indulge his infantile chauvinism against Saudi Arabia.

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Inauguration of the Ass’ad Abu Khalil Tin-Foil-Hat Conspiracy of the Week Award

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Conspiracy theories, the staple of many an angry blogger. Events in Syria have provided endless material for those inclined

The Assad Abu Khalil Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Award

The Ass’ad Abu Khalil Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy of the Week award.

towards paranoia and far fetched tales of collusion that would strain the imagination of the world’s best writers of spy thrillers. From the president of the Syrian junta who thinks that the United Nations, Organization of Islamic States and Arab League are all out to get him because of his “steadfast resistance” of Israel (said resistance consisting of him steadfastly refraining from firing a single bullet towards Israel), to the “anti-imperial” Left who have managed the remarkable mental feat of claiming that the man who killed 27,000 Syrians is a “victim”.

Discussions and debates on Syria are rife with numerous conspiracy theories, and so it is therefore fitting that we acknowledge and award the most fringe, lunatic and absurd conspiracies of the week, lest they and their ridiculous proponents be lost to mankind forever. And who better to name a conspiracy award after than the man to whom outlandish conspiracy theories are the bread and butter of his existence; the Marxist who wasn’t Marxist enough to prevent him from living in the USA since 1983, the man who pontificates at length on countries he’s never stepped foot in, the impotently and eternally angry, the Angry Arab, Ass’ad Abu Khalil.

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Gulf women athletes at London 2012 compared to Syria

Ever since the regime of Bashar Assad fell out with the Gulf countries (and 127+ other countries in the world), the regime’s supporters (menhebakjis) have never failed to heap scorn on Gulf society and the restrictions placed on women living in the Gulf. And yet, when one examines the number of women athletes sent to the London 2012 Olympics by the six GCC countries, and comparing the number sent by the Hereditary Republic of Assadstan….well, it doesn’t look too good for the latter’s claims to be a more liberal and open society than the Gulf.

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